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June 11, 2005


A Military Mom

Our Lord has greeted this soldier at the gates of heaven, with the statement, "Well done good and faithful servant. You have run the good race and fought the good fight, now recieve the royal crown of victory." May his life be a shining star to all who knew him.
I will say a prayer for this soldier and his family. May they find comfort in God's word...and may our Lord Jesus keep all of our troops safe , and bring them home...soon. Amen. Thank you for your service.


Shawn, my heart goes out to you and all your buddies there, and especially to the family of Sgt Edwards.

Thank you for all you do over there, to keep us safe over here.


Shawn, my families' prayers go out to you and your unit and to Sgt. Edwards' family. Thank you again for your sacrifice and work in Iraq. My daughter is a soldier in Iraq so many prayers are said for her and others daily. God bless all of you and God keep you safe.

Wes Roberts

Shawn...thank you for helping us back home remember what you and the others are going through. Prayers continue. Keep me/us posted.

Linda Connor

Shawn, Thank you for sharing this story with us. I will pray for your protection as well as those around you. I know you will be blessed for the words you have shared on this website so that others could stand in your boots for a few moments.

God be with you Shawn and all of those there at your side!


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Wayne Miles

My thoughts and prayers are with Mark's family. There is no way to say thank you for his service. He is so very special. I have a daughter with the 2nd Infantry in Korean and another daughter enlisting next week. May all our service people be blessed and come home soon.

8 years 101st Airborne Ranger
Korean Conflict

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